To work as a Doctor in Australia call us to register today.

To work as a doctor in Australia you are required to have registered with the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and be registered with The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Assessment of medical qualifications in Australia is coordinated by The AMC. If you have not completed your medical degree in Australia or New Zealand you will follow one of the following assessment pathways.

In the case of General  Practitioners they are required to register for a specialist pathway with The Royal Australian College of Genera l Practitioners (RACGP) or The Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine(ACCRM). For further information please refer to The RACGP website or The ACCRM website

Competent Authority Pathway:

This pathway is for International Medical Graduates(IMG’s)  who are applying for non-specialist positions  and have completed their primary medical qualifications from or have completed specified training and assessment through the following approved overseas countries: New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland.

The  AMC assessment include assessment for The Certificate of Advanced Standing  which  is required for registration with AHPRA , this is followed by  a 12 month period of supervised practice in Australia.  For further information  please  refer to The AMC website

Area of Need Specialist Pathway:

This pathway is for IMG trained specialists to work in regional areas of Australia and has a similar application process as the specialist and standard pathway. The application will be assessed in conjunction with the specialist college and may be required to undertake a specified period of supervised practice in Australia.   Applicants applying to work in regional and remote areas can apply to join the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine. The ACRRM will determine the period of assessed practice required to achieve  fellowship of the college.  For further information please refer to the AMC website and the ACRRM website

Specialist Pathway:

Applicants for the specialist pathway are required to complete an accredited specialist training program which will then be assessed by the relevant specialist college. The college sets the standards and coordinates the training, education and examination of medical specialists in Australia. The college will ensure that the training to be undertaken is of an equivalent standard to that of Australian trained doctors. Each assessment will determine if any additional training and learning is required to gain fellowship to the nominated college.  For further information please refer to the AMC website

Standard Pathway:

This pathway applies to IMG’s who are not eligible for registration under the competent Authority or specialist pathway i.e doctors who have trained in a non comparable medical school which has not  been formally accredited by the AMC. All IMG’s seeking registration through the standard pathway are required to pass the AMC examination s which consist of a Multiple Choice Questions ( AMC MCQ) examination and a  clinical examination . The MCQ examination can be sat in an AMC approved venue inside or outside Australia . On successful completion of The MCQ examination the applicant will be able to work with limited registration and under supervision.   For further information about this and the following stages required to achieve fellowship of a specialist college through this pathway please refer to the AMC website

English Language Skills:

The AMC and The AHPRA require that medical practitioners seeking to practice in Australia must pass an English Language proficiency test or be granted an exemption.

The following programs  are recognised:

International English Language Testing System(IELTS). Applicants will require a minimum score of 7.

Occupational English Test (OET)  Applicants will require grades A or B only

If your secondary education or your relevant professional tertiary qualifications were taught and assessed in English as a first language in Australia, New Zealand, Canada ,Republic of Ireland, The United States of America , The United Kingdom or South Africa  you may be granted an exemption upon providing the relevant evidence.

For further information please refer to the AMC website or the IELTS website