Rural Health Placements

Rural Health Placements provides fulfilling careers in the Great Australian Outback



Rural Health Placements assists Medical and Allied Health professionals to find work in rural and remote Australia.

Australia is a vast and exciting country, with many great opportunities in regional towns and remote locations. 

We assist our candidates to find great opportunities in country areas, working with you to make the best career choices.

Rural Health Placements will help identify your passion and values in order to develop a plan for management of your career. We help you navigate the health care industry, and ensure you feel engaged and respected throughout the job search process.



Management of your career is an essential part of your registration with Rural Health Placements, reflecting our philosophy of empowering our candidates to define and take action upon their career goals. After years of experience we know that this process enables our candidates to find more fulfilling careers.

During the interview process, we will define your professional skills and knowledge and set clear targets. Our candidates often gain valuable insights that assist them take control of their career direction, enabling Rural Health Placements to develop a targeted search process uniquely tailored to each candidate.

Rural Health Placements is not just about finding a job, it is part of your career journey.

Register now with Rural Health Placements, to take the first step towards your new career.